Standard Range

Are you in need of good quality, good priced Dual Row LED Light BarLight Bars? Then look no further! Here at Halo Lights, we offer a highly impressive 3 Watt 'Standard Range' which has proven to be a big hit and sits amongst our most popular products. Suitable for a large variety of uses such as: Off Roading, camping, 4x4, mining, ski boats, Off road Competition and ATV Lighting, this product is undoubtably a great investment.

Halo Light's 4th Generation Standard Range 'Dual Row LED Barlight Bar' shines brighter and better than it's competitors. It outperforms many due to its high output CREE LEDs and very efficient reflector technology, making it the best value for money LED BarLight Bar on the market today.

This light range generates the biggest variety of highest output light bars accessible to the public. This, combined with their leading, innovative compact and rigid design, make them the perfect, safe and good value companion for roof mounting to your 4x4, Competition of 4x4 vehicle. 

Dual Row LED Light Bar

We strongly hold the belief that these Dual Row Light Bars are the absolute best on the market. With their feature 3 Watt CREE LED Bulbs placed in two rows. Their total height is 2.7" and are available in different lengths - from 4" to the huge, Big Daddy of light bars, the 52" version.

Our latest version of the Dual Row LED Light Bar comes with a side leg mount which gives the option for the light to be placed onto a vertical surface and turned from the side.

Halo Lights strives to offer you great value for money and quality for all our globally leading LED Light Bars.

Dual Row LED Light Bar Product Specifications: 

Power: Input 9~36V
Life 50,000 Hours
Op. Temp -45 to 85deg C
2 Horizontal Rows of LED's
White Colour Temp approx 6500-7000K
240 lumens per LED
Shock Resistant
PMAA Armoured Glass (Poly-methyl-methacrylate)
Steel side mounts
Waterproof to IP67 (Dustproof and Water resistant to 3 feet)
Euro, Flood and Spot Beams available in various models
Color Covers Available
Now with a 2 Year Warranty

 Don't forget your Wiring Kit if required! see the accessories section.